Saturday, May 26, 2012

Spring Trip day 4 Jeju-do

Anyonghaseyo.. Good morning Jeju. Weather forecast it will be raining whole day in jeju.. I already prepare my rain coat.. In Korea.. U must really alert with the weather forecast.. Not like Malaysia.. Weather forecast not really important..

Our tour guide bring us to mystery road.. Yes it very mystery.. The bus can move without engine start.. Want to know the secret?? Please visit Jeju =P

The we go to cherry blossom road.. Haha very excited moment.. So sweet .. With the pink petals fall feel so romantic.. ( I tag ISB ❤ at one of cherry blossom picture )

Coz the time is limited..n drizzle . From cherry blossom road we moving to dragon rock.. This dragon rock is located near beach.. Waa.. I love Jeju so much.. Also at this area hv a small souvenir shop. But sorry Im not survey the price.. =(

The we go to mandarin farm.. Actually u need to pay if want to enter the farm.. But to avoid it our tour guide bring use at the shop near the farm.. So from the shop we enter the farm haha.. our tour guide also give us a small mandarin called kengkang.. eat with the skin..taste sweet n sour, i like it.

The raining become heavy..aahh.. Xbest la jln ujan2 nie..rain makes me uncomfortable to tooks picture.. So photo at jeju very limited..

Then we move to sunrise peak.. its a hill near the beach.. Waaa.. A very beautiful place.. Hope 1 day I will come here with my husband enjoying sunrise..=D

Move to restaurant only 2 minit walk from sunrise peak.. Having lunch and pray.

Then we go to folk village.. This is old style Korea village..the headman explain to us.. Their culture..what is interesting to me.. At Jeju.. Women responsible to find a money.. Man can married lot.. Baby girl the will put on water.. To teach the girl how to diving..

Next visit is waterfall.. Nice place for dating.. Also have souvenir shop..

Last indoor activity.. Teddy bear museum. Huhu.. Price very affordable with very good quality teddy bear..

We having dinner.. Haha seafood steamboat .. Hv lobster.. Oyster.. n lot more.. Yummy..

We arrive at hotel around 8.30 pm.. And I and my friend hv some walk.. Actually the purpose to find wifi.. Huhu.. We having some coffee at Caffebene.. Very relaxing moment after walk all day in raining.. and I texting mr ISB ❤ using what apps.. =P

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