Sunday, June 5, 2011

Jang Keun Suk Fans Meeting Malaysia 2011

Today 4 June is the Jang Keun Suk CRI show live in Malaysia 2011 . i arrived at JW Marriot around 3.10 pm..The fans meeting held at 4th floor StarHill hall. I collected my goodies bags which is include poster and book mark. while i queuing to enter the hall 1 of JKSfcM'sia member hand me a cute pink heart shape balloon.

The hall was small, all eels need to squeeze themselves. luckily i manage to get a front space for me to watch JKS closely. While we are all waiting for JKS, we are practicing to shout "JANG KEUN SUK AKU CINTA PADA MU!" with the balloon up and all that. Then the MC announce " His here, r'u ready?" we all shout like crazy. Then there he is ! making the entrance with a wide smile and waving to all of us.. Aiggooo i feel like the hall become quiet. All i can see is him.

The intro started, the MC asked " JKS, what do u think about malaysian girls?" he replied " i think there are sexy, and 1st thing that i notice they are wearing ????( he made gesture at his head) then the MC said tudung. JKS respond " aahh.. tudung". 2nd thing MC ask about weather JKS replied " its hot, and All is hot"

Now its time for Malaysian eels surprise.
1. JKSfc prepared balloon doll that look like JKS. JKS comment the hair should be longer.. ekeke.... then he take a picture and shake hand with the doll.

2. JKS open the mystery box. balloons came out and the box contains Malaysian eels scrapbook

3. Pewter cup from Royal Selangor with Tree-J logo was presented. And JKS said he has been looking forward for it. Good Job JKSfcMalaysia.

Now it time for VIP photograph session. so sad i cannot seat beside him. The MC has told me to seat at the front, but the bodyguard not allowed me. The girls at the front keep pushing each other till the guard give them a warned. JKS come towards us and said hai..with a cute smile and wave. he takes place at the center... MC count 1..2...3..4...and 5....there u go... my session ended.

Then autograph session start. luckily i manage to get the media position. i never stop recording and taking photos of him. He was really charming, he will said ' hi nice to meet you' and ' enjoy the show tonight' to all VVIP holder.

This is some photos and videos taken during on fans meeting. Enjoy it CRI!

credit to hisoing live

p/s : sukkie oppa aku cinta padamu

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Qema said...

waaaa sangat jeles!!!! bestnye ko dapat tgk face to face.