Monday, August 22, 2011

Kim Hyun Joong Hi5 fans meeting Malaysia

21 august 2011

Today is Kim Hyun Joong Hi5 fan meeting, i'm really excited i gonna meet him. seriously i'm falling in love with him. After sahur i cannot sleep, butterfly in my stomach ekeke...

The Gardens Ballroom

11.02 AM
check in at KTM sg. Buloh.. wow..lots of people there..but for hyun joong i do anything =P

11.37 AM
Arrive at KTM mid valley, check my phone to see any updates regarding the event. huh! there get a queue number for purchase KJH album. i walk so fast..neh. i couldn't find The Gardens Hotel. where is it? huh! in front of me there 3 girls walking.. i don't know why i keep following them =P . As i think there also searching for that Hotel. Finally, i found it. The bell boy greet me. i smile to them and ask " sir, my i know which level for Kim Hyun Joong Hi5 meeting" he smile " adik terus pergi kanan pastu g kiri ade lift. kat level 5" " owh really, not 7?" " level 5" "terima kasih" =) . While i'm walking i saw the 3 girls again. There looks like blur. i just walk and enter into the lift. when i'm walk out from the lift. level 5 already full with all KHJ fans. I focusing to get a number fr purchase the album. erm i get num 291.

2.40 PM

The queue is very long i guess is around 1k of KHJ fans. I keep checking fb, twitter for new updates. waaa the queue makes me so tired. Then around 2.58 PM i get my cd and try my luck for the lucky draw..huh.. lucky draw is unlucky T_T i hates it. I wanting at redeem pass counter. on that time only hv red fm. where is epop.. i keep waiting. Is already 3.30pm where are there? Finally 2 staff from epop arrive. There as "malay epop right?" i replied "yes" i give them my IC to check. " here your VIP pass" " Thx"=D . There snap my photo with KHJ album.. must buy next issue =)

I'm entering the Hall. It already full. i took some photo. Then i sit at left corner of the hall.. so tried.. is fasting months also. KHJ song keep repeating. The host greet us.. everyone is shouting.. everyone is very excited waiting for KHJ. The host also ask us, to give some question to KHJ. Then the host..said KHJ is on his way.. and thans all fans for the patient ekeke

my VIP pass

4.10 PM
Then.. i fell like KHJ already near us.. i can see his shoe behind of the curtain...=) and the host told use to shout KHJ name.. KIM HYUN JOONG...KIM HYUN JOONG.. yes my oppa came out..

After ask KHJ some question. the Hi5 begin. its change to hand shake.. i tried to record some video and photo during that session. but the fans keep pushing each other and i'm not manage to take video or photo during that session.. all picture become blur..

I'm very frustrated i only can get some nice photo. Then i queue to Hi5 with my oppa Hyun Joong. The guard infont me.. tell me no photo on the stage. i just said ok sir =P. Then went my turn come, i only can see him..his smile..then when i'm in front KHJ i just said "Hyun Joong..." with a very soft voice. =P Hyun Joong grab my hand to shake..i look deep in his eyes and also he looks at me, then he give me a very warm smile..i can fell his warm hand. ooohhhh.. cannot say anything.. i just walk from the stage with a flower all around me. i went back to VIP area then my mind back to reality.

check below video ;



Saya Cinta Malaysia


more photo at flickr/fatin_alia or begituindahphotojournal

p/s : can't wait for Asia tour concert next year



yang mana lagi macho...?

kat luar ke dalam gambar?
shake hand?tak boleh tu;P

shaida85 said...

suka la dia dpt jmp pujaan hati..

Anonymous said...

bukan da peneman ke rini?? p dia datang lamabt... =(