Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kim Hyun Joong TheFaceShop Fan Meeting Malaysia 2011

22 August 2011.

very nice and sunny day. its Monday..and i'm working.. shift started on 11 AM. I cant sleep. I keep dreaming Hyun Joong Oppa ask me wait for him at Berjaya times square. =P. When we give 2 choice. we need to choose which is the best for us right. I know i need to see meet him again, even thought is near yet so far..hehe..
Then i made a decision. YES..OPPA I WILL COME FOR YOU..

10.00 AM
KL traffic slow..and the event at TFS Pavallion is started on 10.30 AM. But i'm still on my car.. hish..and i arrive to Pavillion around 11.30PM. i see the updates on twitter, its already end. But i keep park my card at Pavilion, and do some shopping =D. My sister really enjoying shopping.. different with me.. i keep checking my iphone for lates updates.

We looking some autumn attire for Korea trip this October. My sister also bought a camera. what is really funny we ask staff from the camera shop to charged battery for us. not bad.. 30mnt charged, camera can be use for 1 hour..took picture and video.

We rushing to Berjaya Times Square.. we go direct to The Face Shop outlet. All fans already queue. Then me and my sister take a strategic position. My sister ready with her new camera and me.. adjusting my BF.

waiting for oppa

My Hyun Joong Oppa arrive.. aik..same attire like yesterday.. but his face looks unhappy.. he just smile when the fans shouting.. i guess he might be tried of the schedule. He gives some talk at TFS. i cannot manage to take a video.. short ma.. picture also fail due.. fans keep pushing each other and all the guard is blocking Hyun Joong.
Event at TFS outlet is ended.. we running at BTS boulevard area.. waa.. already full of fans.. i tried my best to get best position.. huhu...seriously is s far .. what ever.. i not TFS buyer..doesn't matter. Thx to my BF lens 70-300mm =D

Event ended..last i saw Hyun Joong oppa leave the stage.. miss him so much

Check below video ;

The Face Shop BTS

more great photo : Flickr/fatin_alia

p/s : Oppa.. i will go to your concert Asian Tour next year.. i will be your VVIP

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