Sunday, January 20, 2013

Wedding preparation part 2 + new job + me n him

Hi.. Begitu Indah..
Currently I'm busy with new job.. Ok new job.. The gud is.. Normal working hours and the bad is low salary.. But Alhamdulillah leh la kumpul duit utk kahwin.. Okey I br nk kumpul duit utk kahwin.. But my majlis 10 bln Akan dtg..moral of the story jgn suke membazir duit coz we don't know what will be happen in the future.. Saving as much as u can =P

I and die dh semakin rapat.. And I falling in love with him.. Walau I mcm biase suke cr psl ngan die.. But die still ok..

Ok skrg cter psl preparation majlis bertandang.. Venue will be at dewan pembandaran taiping.. Near lake garden.. I dh berangan nk ambik pic outdoor kt ctu..for andaman dh jumpe pak andam nye n harga seriously cheap.. =)

For photography we choose aleeya wedding photography.. Main kt taiping.. But coz ktorg ambik full pkg.. Dr pre wedding hingga bertandang.. So they agree come to kl , the best is videography and photography include .. So xde pening2 nk ambik yg Len.. I gak request utk tkr2 photographer for each event .. Bgus kn

So mayb bln dpn dh nk mula utk pre-wedding photo n video shoot.. And skrg I tgh pk nk buat theme ape, lagu ape.. Any suggestion.. Agak pening pk sbb I n die br je nk Kenal rapat.. Xde pe lokasi mahupun kenangan yg byk.. Any suggestion??

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EIKA said...

hye dear ^_^ salam kenal..ika ex b2b :) follow u dear ....Enjoy ur wedding preparation taw!:)