Monday, June 11, 2012

Spring Trip day 5

We having early breakfast 6.15 am at hotel.. Lot of choice but as Muslim.. =D not all u can eat.. I give u example.. Mushroom soup .. Yes mushroom is halal.. But the main ingredients to made soup is chicken stock.. =) got it..

Our flight is around 8.30am.. From our hotel it only takes around 10 minutes by bus..same flight Eastar-jet.. What I realize domestic airlines is always delay.. We arrive at Seoul around 10.30am..

Time for Seoul trip + shopping.
National ginseng center, Amethyst Factory, Korean cosmetic duty-free.

I already cover this place during my autumn vacation..So nothing different.. Same place.. =D please check Vacation to south Korea day 4.

Then we having light lunch kebab at 2002 world cup stadium. The perform out prayer at the athletes room.
Then I go to gifts shop bought Korea jersi for me and Mr ISB ❤ =P. ( but maybe not for him hahaha )

Next tour is Donghwa duty free department store. Seriously I like this department store. All brand local and international product sold at here and it really cheap. When u purchase at this department store they will pack for u and u need pick up your goods at airport during departure day. But it only for international brands . This duty free market save me lot of money example facial mask at myeongdong market 10 000 won = 10 sheet at here is only 8000won = rm 24 = rm 2.4 per sheet . In Malaysia rm5.90

photo credit to : Fadhlan Mahbob

And what I like snail mask from nature republic is only 36 000won = 10 sheet = rm 108 = rm 10.80 = 1 sheet. In Malaysia it cost Rm 22 per sheet.

Next shopping your Namdeamun and myeongdong market. Also i already highlight during my 1st trip to Korea.. Let collect free give =p beside that I also survey other goods likes clothes. Shoe.. At the street market. It's cheap. A pair of shoe cost 20 000 won. At the design still not available at Malaysia.
Also I found iPhone strap cost 6000 won. So pretty..

Then we go for dinner at itewon..Indian cuisine.. Same restaurant foreign restaurant.

Last shopping trip Dongdaemun market. Yaa Dotta again.. Bought some gifts for friends. Dotta product is expensive coz the quality is goods. I suggest go to migliore more affordable and quality quite good.. Or u can try to bargain at street market shop.. We spend out time until 10.30 pm . Then check in Theme Park hotel.

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ISB know dat...Doa yg baik2...nice to meet u...